Candidate for Director At Large

The role of a Board Member for CFA is one of a trusted advocate for you, your club and the Association as we move through this time of turmoil and change.

Now is the time to reassess our path and
capitalize on opportunities.

It is important to focus on cost cutting measures throughout our organization. Every part of CFA must address the need to reduce a portion of their expenses, no exceptions. Difficult times require difficult decisions, and I am confident I can make those decisions.

We need to create a positive revenue stream, and that means thinking outside of the box. The income from our core business of registrations is down. Outside income is crucial to improve our bottom line, but current programs have not met expectations. Immediate new programs are needed. Our future depends on this.

We need to improve our services to our exhibitors. Upgrading the computer system needs to be done now. Enhancements to the website are critical to improve our web presence with appropriate links to reach every corner of the world with the message of CFA. Technology must not pass us by. We need to push CFA into the public limelight as a source of information and as an aid to cat lovers and legislators. Each of us needs to do our part to promote our cats, and our association to the cat loving public and encouragement of new exhibitors and breeders to our wonderful hobby. Our legislative team has done a spectacular job of creating a positive environment for us to the extent they are able and it is an ongoing challenge--we must be vigilant. I am committed to ensuring continued support of that portion of our association and I applaud the thousands of you all out there that work voluntarily behind the scenes and do it for the love of the cat and our hobby.

CFA is an important part of life for many of you. YOU are the voice of CFA, and it is important that the officers of CFA listen to that voice. There are so very many talented people in our association, and it is my goal to involve you to the maximum, with respect and appreciation, to make CFA grow. This is a goal, and it can be accomplished with your help and I want you to be part of the TEAM!

I continue to have a small breeding program, constantly trying to improve and showcase my Birmans. I have been breeding and showing under the cattery name of Birjanji with my husband, Jim, since 1987. I have been breeding American Wirehairs for 9 years and am the current breed council secretary. I still enjoy showing my cats, and continue to have my finger on the pulse of the exhibitor and the issues before you. Currently, I am the Treasurer, sit on the Board of Directors of the CFA Historical Foundation and am responsible for a large treasury. I am an active officer and/or member of several CFA clubs. My club teams put on 4 successful cat shows in the region each year while continually working to involve as many new people into the operation of show production as possible. I have a strong working knowledge of the issues facing our clubs today. I am coordinator for Birman rescue in the region, and work with several other rescue groups. I am also involved in Pet Therapy and the need for the elderly and disabled to enjoy the company of cats. I AM INVOLVED and I AM AN ACTION PERSON - not just talk. I pledge to work for you and report to you!

I have a Bachelors Degree (BS) in Agriculture (Purdue University) and hold an MBA in Finance from Indiana University. Currently I own and manage my own company since 1990 and previously have held general management positions with several Fortune 500 companies.

Please don't hesitate to call on me any time to voice your ideas, ask questions and propose solutions. I will listen and work to provide an open line of communication to get you answers. With your vote we can get the job done.

There is no "I" in "TEAM".

Jan Rogers

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